Our Inn

La Fine Grobe by the Sea was established in 1973, in his home, by Mr. Georges Frachon first as an art gallery and gourmet club during 17 years, then, as a restaurant and inn operating year-round.

Located along Chaleur Bay, at the estuary of the Nigadoo River, the estate includes a centennial forest, a beach by the sea and a beach by the river. It is also an ecosystem where salt water and fresh water mix together. Salmon, mallard ducks, blue herons, bitterns, kingfishers, fishing eagles and many sea birds species can be observed.

The house was built in the fifties by the late Dr. George Comeau, as a summer residence. He was practicing medicine in New Jersey the rest of the year. It's a two storey building, the dining room being on the ground level, overlooking the sea and enjoying a warm fireplace in the winter. The second floor includes two bedrooms with private bathrooms overlooking the sea and a small private dining room. Mr. Frachon organically grows his herbs, lettuces, squashes and zucchinis with seaweed.

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