Welcome to my culinary abode! My name is Georges Frachon and I am from the French Alps. I was born at Chambery, Savoy, France. I studied literature and linguistics in Grenoble and Saarbrucken, Germany. I came to this region in 1969 to teach French literature and linguistics at the College de Bathurst. I purchased this property in 1972 and in the summer of 1973 opened ‘’la fine grobe’’.

The word grobe is a play on the English slang word ‘’grub’’. It means food in Sweedish. It may have come to New England States through the Jersians Islands. When Acadians go fishing or hunting they used to say: ‘’bring your own grub’’.

After operating on a seasonal basis for the first 17 years, the restaurant, the inn and the art gallery now are open year round. I have a great passion for the preparation of food and I like to welcome people. While I am basically self-taught, I owe much to my family traditions. My father was born in La Coucourde Condillac, Drôme, in the Rhône Valley and spoke the Provencal dialect. My mother was from Irigny near Lyon.

My cuisine is a reflection of my origins and my experience. Yes, I like good food and good wines. I highly recommend you the house drink: le petit caribou du patron, a mix of dark rhum and some secret liquors. It was the ‘’mot de passe’’ in Pointe Verte during the prohibition.

Enjoy your meal! Enjoy our home made french baguette.

Georges Frachon