From the Sea

Broiled salmon fillet $19.90
Cod fillet pan-fried or braised with white wine $26.90
Cod fillet with morrels $31.90
Broiled salmon fillet with Dijon mustard sauce $22.90
Three peppercorn salmon fillet $23.90
Seafood kebab
shrimps, scallops, salmon with tomato sauce and fine herbs
Sauteed scallops with garlic & parsley $28.90
Big shrimp flamed with Pernod $21.90
Fisherman’s platter
salmon, scallops & shrimps, pan-fried in olive oil and lemon
Seafood Casserole
lobster, crab, scallops, gulf shrimps, topped with Swiss cheese
Steamed lobster, hot or cold with garlic butter market priced
Lobster thermidor
with onions, mushrooms, white wine, mustard and cream
market priced
Seafood platter
5 crab claws, 5 scallops, 5 big shrimps with homemade Hollandaise sauce

These dishes are all dressed.

Prices subject to change without notice.